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Consumer Protection

Protecting our brand and our customers by tracking and tracing our products.

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As a family-run business dating back to 1885, our brand has stood the test of time because of our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. Over the years, Mason Pearson has become synonymous with commitment to British design and craftsmanship. This has earned us a loyal customer base around the world.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we remain true to our roots and the values that have shaped us as a brand. We are deeply committed to protecting our heritage and creativity.

All our brushes are manufactured in-house at our factory in the UK. By controlling all aspects of our production and our distribution processes we can guarantee the authenticity of our products. This is especially important in an age where counterfeit products are becoming increasingly common.

Our customers can trust that the Mason Pearson hairbrush they purchase is genuine and of the highest quality.

Customer protection via enhanced visual authentication and trace technology - your help counts!

Feel assured about your purchase

Feel assured about your purchase

Opening your camera and scanning the QR code will enable you to authenticate your Mason Pearson purchase.

Every scan is fed back to the system to ensure genuine products are being sold in the correct geographical market and only in stores or on platforms that conform with our Selective Distribution Agreement.

If you require any further information about our Track & Trace technology, please contact us.


Authorised Distributors & Stockists

To ensure that purchases are genuine: purchase them from our official website


Alternatively you may purchase from the retailers & distributors authorised by Mason Pearson, please click here for details in your area. We cannot guarantee nor verify the authenticity of an item purchased outside of an official Mason Pearson point of sale.


We do NOT endorse the sale of our products on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and others.

Thank you for choosing Mason Pearson.