Our Craft

Mason Pearson hairbrushes are instantly recognisable around the world and they have always been made at our home in London, England.

We believe in traditional values including loyalty, luxury and efficacy and have always been committed to building hairbrushes that really last – ‘sustainability’ has always been our mantra.

Hand-Picked for Efficacy


Hand-Picked for Efficacy

We only work with a handful of trusted suppliers and have sourced our boar bristles from the same companies since 1941.

These bristles are hand sorted by a skilled team of technicians in our London factory. They remove those that do not reflect the colour or quality our customers expect before grading them, by their thickness and stiffness, to choose which model they would be best suited to.

Simultaneously, another team hand-make the iconic rubber pad using the techniques that our founder Mr Mason Pearson invented in the 19th century and were patented in 1911.

Hand-Finished for Luxury


Hand-Finished for Luxury

In total there are 18 stages to create each hairbrush – we do not believe in short cuts. This includes six finishing stages where the hairbrush is repeatedly hand polished and hand-embossed with gold foil on the handle.

Every little detail is considered, and your hairbrush is packaged in retro packaging that is true to the design from the 1920s. As pantone colours did not exist then, we use specially formulated inks for added authenticity.

Our hairbrushes have been made with the long-lasting plastic handle since 1946 and we continue to hand-craft light-wood backed hairbrushes to order.